Work Experience


        Department Head Position


  2015 Being Charlie: Hair Department Head

  2014Thirst: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2014 Punks Dead: Hair Department Head

  2013 The Mentor: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2013 AT&T 2014 Olympics Commercial: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2013 K-9 Adventure II-Legend of the Lost Gold: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2013 My Dear Dumb Diary: Hair Department Head

  2013 The Adventures of Robo Rex: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2012 Haunt: Hair Department Head

  2012 Scheels Commercial: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2012 Scoot & Kassie’s Christmas Adventure: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2012 Hot Bot: Makeup Dept Head

  2011 Adobe Commercial: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2010 Scent & Sensibility: Hair Department Head

  2010 The Cyclist: Hair Department Head

  2010 Reco: Hair/Makeup Dept Head

  2009 Molly Goes West: Hair/Makeup Department Head


          Key Artist Position

  2014 The Hollow Point: Key Hairstylist

  2014 Your Right Mind: Key Hair/Makeup

  2012 Nightlight: Key Hairstylist

  2011 Dragon Warriors: Key Hairstylist

  2011 Inside: Key Hair/Makeup (Reshoots)

  2010 Guide to Life/Good Luck Charlie: Key Hairstylist

  2009 Cops & Robbers: Key Hair/Makeup

  2009 Silent Listen: Key Hair/Makeup

  2009 Elvis & the Skin Walkers: Key Hiar/Makeup


        Assistant Artist Position

  2014 Cokeville Miracle: Hairstylist

  2014 Don Verdean: Hairstylist

  2013 Granite Flats: Hair/Makeup Swing

  2012 Red Machine Hair/Makeup Assistant (Bear Unit)

  2012 Friend Request: Hairstylist

  2012 The Mistle-Tones: Hairstylist

  2012 Lagoon Commercial: Hair/Makeup Assistant

  2012 Ephraim’s Rescue: Hair/Makeup Assistant

  2011 Darling Companion: Hair Assistant

  2011 Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed: Hair/Makeup Assistant

  2011 SEAL Patrol: Hair/Makeup Assistant

  2011 L’Oreal Paris Sponsor Lounge Sundance: Makeup Artist

  2011 New Testament: Hair/Makeup Swing

  2011 Dragon Warriors: Makeup Assistant

  2011 The Mule: Manicurist to Sharon Stone

  2010 Den Brother: Hairstylist

  2009 Snowmen: Hairstylist