A blog, is to blog, as blogging is to blog, for blogs is just a blog

My blog, first blog...why blog? First things first, I’m a hairstylist and makeup artist and work commercially in the film industry. Throughout my life I have always been fascinated with the ins and outs of making movies. I loved looking at behind the scenes pictures and reading articles and quotes of what it was like during the filming process. Now working in the industry I have always loved, I’m still fascinated. From the beginning prep work to the last day they yell “PICTURE WRAP!” I look back at the crazy I call my life and can’t help but think how awesomely cool it all is. Naturally, all I want to do is document the awesomely cool life I have the pleasure of experiencing.

I love to share things I think are interesting with not just words but pictures and plan to blog it all. Why the hell not.


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