The grind! Or is it?

The holidays are over and it was blissfull having the oportunity to take the holidays off from work. I ate too much, drank too much and slept too much...or did I? But alas it's back to 'the grind' for me! Except I can't really call it 'the grind' since I absolutely love what I do. Been spending some much needed time at the Beauty Zone Salon creating beautiful cuts and colors on my wonderful clients. I got some awesome ideas brewing that will hoepfully become reality in the near future.

For once having all this time off I've also gotten the chance to take some fun classes. In my line of work I get to apply and paint prosthetics, but never actually make my own prosthetics. I signed up for an awesome prosthetic class from Toxic Studios taught by the talented Josh Counsel. It was very hands on, and I appreciated the one on one aspect. The class is kept small to ensure that everyone gets the full amount of attention and help from the instructor. I learned that what I thought would be easiest was actually the hardest for me (moulding) and what I thought would be hardest came quite easily(sculpting). We recieved some hard critisism on our work, which I always appreciate btw, and in the end we approved our skills and ended up with some awesome prosthetic pieces.

My mother was a good sport as she was the one that volunteered to be my model for the class. My concept piece was a hairless rat. There were some specific tecniques I wanted to learn like old age wrinkles and texture. But I didnt necessarily want to just do an old age piece. I wanted to make my piece more interesting so I figured I would infuse

animal in her. My mother wasn't too crazy about the idea. Kept asking why I can't make her look pretty "like an underwater fairy". But all in all the class was fun, I learned a lot, and made a pretty cool prosthetic piece. Not bad for my first one.

Next step: Apply, paint and PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!!!!!

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