Sundance TV 2015

My Sundance Film Festival experience this year was sadly/awesomely too busy to actually see any movies or go to any fun parties. This year a film I had the pleasure of working on made it to Sundance, Don Verdean. It's a Jared Hess comedy about a biblical archaeologist that is hired by a pastor to find relics that will help promote and bring people to his church. I definitely wish I had the chance to get away from work and see the film.

Working for Sundance TV this year was great. I got to work with a super awesome chick outta New York, Katie Quinn, a video journalist and food enthusiast (check her out @ She's got some really cool videos that I've learned a lot how to take care of a cast iron skillet since mine sits scarily in the corner intimidating me. Who knew that you have to actually "season" a damn frying pan.

photo cred Katie*

One thing that crew members sometimes experience is being called to stand in front of the camera due to a lack of actors or extras. This day I got asked to be in a Hershey's commercial.

Let me just note that I definitely thrive BEHIND the camera, which is how it should stay. I was brought from my comfy spot in the studio to the filming location on the main floor of Sundance TV lounge. I was fed the lines, or more accurately, words. Not too bad right? Ya, until just a few words turned into full tongue twister sentences!!

As I tried to look natural, I sensed myself get way too nervous and conscious of other people watching. I got super light headed and, well, a little crazy. Luckily the director saw that not only was I losing all color in my skin, but that I was also really bad in front of a camera. That's when they were finished with my "lines".

Note to self: Stop forgetting how I fall apart in front of the camera.

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