Making Movies With Legends

What a wurlwind of experiences. Where do I start. Maybe just before the beginning, when I recieved a phone call to be Steven Seagal's personal assistant....I didn't take the job.

But what I got instead was another job offer on a different film, in a department I had no experience in. They made me Assistant Prodution Office Coordinator working with the amazing Rob Reiner.

Week one: Easy peasy. Making schedules, Booking hotels and renting cars.

Week two/ day one: Rob and all the producers arrive. First task that is asked of set up everyones lap tops wirelessly to the copy machine. That's possible?!? Total panic!

Week two/ day two: Hired a super cool dude. Ziv. Way over qualified for the job. Thank god for a Production Assistant with mad computer skills. Crisis averted!

Week three & four: Like week one, but in super drive.

Office work isn't so bad. Especially when there are people like Rob Reiner in the office. One of the most hilarious and passionate people I've ever met. The hours aren't bad. The work is easy if you're very organized and can manage your time wisely. I multi-task like a housewife on speed. The work is VERY fast paced and kind of exciting. But one thing is for sure...

I miss being on set.

More updates to come from the Makeup/ Hair Department!

From Good News Utah:


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Utah Film Commission let it be known today that an independent film directed by the veteran Hollywood director of “The Princess Bride,” Rob Reiner, will start production in Utah come April. The production, titled “Being Charlie,” was penned by Reiner’s son, Nick.

“The state’s professional top-notch crews and artists, its world class infrastructure and the warmth of its people all make it one of my favorite locations to shoot,” the film’s producer Lucas Jarach, who in 2011 shot “Border Run” in Utah, said. “It’s ultimately why I’m returning to Salt Lake City with Rob Reiner’s new film ‘Being Charlie.’ The tax incentive program is also extremely attractive for independent producers.”

A maximum tax incentive of $265,494, representing about 25 percent of the dollars left in the state, was approved by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) board via the Motion Picture Incentive Program. Domain Entertainment, the production company behind the film, is presently in the pre-production phase and intends to hire over 100 cast and crew members in the upcoming month.

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